terça-feira, 9 de novembro de 2021

Web Summit 2021

Last Wednesday, November 3rd, 24 ESA students and 3 teachers from 12th form were offered the chance to attend the well-known international event Web Summit 2021 which takes place in the Altice Arena in Lisbon every year.
Several varied issues were eloquently addressed to. Technology at the service of Medicine; the environment and sustainability; social networks - their benefits and drawbacks; how to become an influencer; the modern world of work and teleworking were only a few examples of the conferences we have attended.
The speakers were all brilliant experts, diligent scientists and entrepreneurs, famous international figures and even politicians from all around the world, interviewed by cunning journalists.
No wonder the conferences were thought-provoking and very up-to-date. I believe it has not only greatly helped our students to learn about the latest trends in technology and at work but also in the art of making an effective and interesting oral presentation. Lots have been said and discussed about important matters that are affecting our society and that we should all be concerned about.
As a teacher and chaperone I am proud to say it was a unique opportunity for our students who behaved so maturely that they were well worth the opportunity offered!
Let’s hope there will be more next year!

Daniela Amorim (ESA Teacher of English)

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